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Here I write about it all. Personal life, artist life, business, health and wellness and more! I’m an Artist, Podcaster, Educator, Speaker, Actor, Dreamer, Wife, Mother & Hope Filled Cheerleader of Creative Career Humans! I’m also a professional performing artist, creative career expert, global arts educator, self-care driven as heck achiever and a well travelled, romance loving wife, passionate parent and official adventure chaser for my family of four.

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I like it salty and sweet

What happens when you feel burnt out from intense life pressures, and spinning too many plates?

How Burnout Can Lead to New Purpose


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Ever feel less productive than you'd like to with your artistic goals? Try layering your values into your week as an artist. Then allow these to guide your productivity as you rehearse, perform and create. Post this PDF on your wall and remind yourself daily to mix up how you approach your artististic work. 

Artist's Values Workbook PDF

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