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I’m also a professional performing artist, with a wealth of global experience, worldwide arts educator, self-care enthusiast, avid journeyer, romance-loving spouse, passionate parent, and family adventure instigator—all rolled into one.

Empowering artistic souls in adventure, purpose & boundless creativity. I’m an Artist, Podcaster, Educator, Life Coach, Speaker, Writer, Actor, Dreamer & Hope Filled Cheerleader of Artistic Souls (Really!) Let's create a vibrant life together!         

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 adventure, purpose & boundless creativity!

I want to empower you into that vibrant, dream life you are chasing! A happy, whole and creative human! 

Life Coaching and Courses for Artists Who Want to Thrive

Stick this on your mirror. Own your creativity filled life. Follow Your Own Path. Have Fun Doing It!

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I believe Artists need to learn at the foundation of their dreams, that the career of an artist is entwined with knowing much more than your ability to showcase your talents.

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Welcome to The HWW Podcast—an ongoing wellspring of inspiration nurturing artistic souls through purpose, adventure, and boundless creativity. Join us for invigorating coffee-style conversations delving into the heart of vibrant living. Explore health, wealth, and wisdom through candid interviews with the some of the globe's most inspiring individuals.

Experience engaging dialogues with leading artists, health professionals, branding/business experts, and coaches. They graciously unveil success secrets, all while you relish the warmth of a steaming cup (or invigorating kombucha). Embark on a journey of pure listening bliss, welcoming aspiring and established artists from all stages and disciplines.


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“Honestly, this podcast changed my life forever and enriched my whole career as an artist.”


I'm Lara, creativity cheerleader! 

I’m a driven Aussie, gone London girl, to Melbourne Mama to Atlanta USA based artist, podcaster, qualified educator, and actor with big dreams and 20 years lived as a career artist.

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Your artist values and priorities probably look different to other creatives, be true to you. Complete this values workbook to help you prioritise your artist goals each day and help you move towards them at speed. 

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