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It's a podcast, but it's Artist's happy hour!

Welcome to The Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist Podcast—an ongoing wellspring of inspiration nurturing artistic souls through adventure, purpose, and boundless creativity. Join us for invigorating coffee-style conversations, delving into the heart of vibrant living. Explore health, wealth, creativity and wisdom through candid interviews with  of the most inspiring individuals.

the Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist Podcast

Wise Artist

How do artist's avoid common career pitfalls and handle rejections, fame, unemployment, moving arts markets, criticism, heavy workloads, career transitions and more? We seek answers.

Wealthy Artist

How do artist's survive financially? We talk to investors, influencers, full time career creatives and artist entrepreneurs about what they do and how we can do the same. 

How does a career artist look after their mind, body and emotions? We ask health professionals, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Physical Therapists and other creatives.

Healthy Artist

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5 Secrets to Beat Evening Sugar Cravings: My Journey

Coping With Body Image Issues As Performers

One Broke Actress: The Real Life Of A Hollywood Actor

Unlock Your Creative Superpower: The Path to Confidence & Well-being For Artists!

The Artist’s Journey: Unleashing Creativity: Overcoming Challenges & Pursuing Dreams


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I'm Lara, creativity cheerleader! 

I’m a driven Aussie, gone London girl, to Melbourne Mama to Atlanta USA based artist, podcaster, qualified educator, and actor with big dreams and 20 years lived as a career artist.

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I'm a determined Aussie who embraced London, transformed into a Melbourne Mama, and is now a USA-based artist. Alongside being an artist, coach, writer, educator, and actor, I've nurtured big dreams over two decades of living as a career artist. My journey also includes work as a voice artist, with podcasting being a cozy endeavor, usually within my walk-in closet. With an unwavering commitment, I advocate for artists, guiding them to unearth the depths of their contributions as an integral part of their identity. Beyond my artistic pursuits, I'm a devoted mama and wife. My workspace knows no bounds, from home to cafes, planes, trains, and automobiles.

My superpower is helping Artistic Souls become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want.... one with boundless creativity, adventure, & purpose. 

- Brooke

"This podcast changed my approach to life as an Actor. I simply wouldn't be where I am as an Artist without it."

Five Stars:

- Ella

"This podcast brings so much hope and guidance! Lara is such a beautiful host"

Five Stars:

- Leah

"This podcast is my lifeline, so many times I have needed advice and an episode comes out like it was designed for me!"

Five Stars:

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