Hey there cutie,
I’m Lara 

I’m a driven Aussie, gone London girl, to Melbourne Mama to USA based artist, podcaster, qualified educator, and actor with big dreams and 20 years lived as a career artist.

Obsessed with: flat white coffees, emotionally intelligent communication and making an artist life you don’t have to suffer in. Steering clear of soul sucking work since the year 2000 . 

making an artist life you don’t have to suffer in.

Morning focus routine, cuddles with my adorable children + hottie hubby, flat white coffee, weights and stretching at the gym, and staying out of the sun (that's my main skincare routine)! 

daily rituals

Writing, podcasting, parenting, making meals on repeat, filming, in the acting studio, dancing and singing around the house.


Dishonesty, glamourising artists or their careers, projecting a false self, long emails, and living out of balance.


Emotionally intelligent talk, flat white coffee, short emails, pursuing wholeness, perseverance, scheduling goals & cutting out the 'meh' to make room for the very best.


I did not grow up in an arts hub, but I dreamed of living in one. So I left the life I was comfortable in. I moved to London, and followed my dreams of performing. That brave step led me to spread my wings as an artist. Over time, I learned the skills-of-thriving as a full-time artist, body, mind, and spirit. I learned to thrive through challenges & I can help you do the same.

Today you can find me snuggled up in my own Atlanta, USA home. With my handsome hubby and the two children I prayed I would have, a son and a daughter. I'm living as a fulfilled career artist and helping others to do the same. 

Oh, and the formal part. I have my MA in Musical Theater, BCA Dance, Grad Dip Ed Dance and Drama, Cert II Musical Theater, & Acting for Film & TV training from RADA in London. 

My joy is helping artists become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life & career they truly want.... one with abundant creativity, joy, and peace. 

I didn’t always have this business, the online courses, podcast & coaching…but I have always been a full time career artist. In fact, years ago you could have found me teaching acting, running my own dance studio, acting, singing and dancing around the world. I was also producing shows and arts events in Sydney and London. As well as teaching performing masterclasses in Paris, Beijing, Sydney, London and New York.

Dinner With Friends 


Flat  White Coffee


Goodbye  Mean-girl


Sparkling Water


The Mandalorian



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My Favorite Things

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“I have learned so much from Lara, her heart for others, inspiring pursuit as an artist, plus her knowledge about the show biz world enriches everyone around her.”


so they say:

Ever feel less productive than you'd like to with your artistic goals? Try layering your values into your week as an artist. Then allow these to guide your productivity as you rehearse, perform and create. Post this PDF on your wall and remind yourself daily to mix up how you approach your artististic work. 

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