Let's be that Artist you've always wanted to be.

Seeing artists happy, whole, and creative bring me alive. We don’t have time to faff around hoping that someone will make things happen for us. We need to take the steps to pursue and pin down the artist career life we desire.

I have performed and worked in many aspects of the arts and entertainment industry. Therefore being around artists at all stages of their careers for over 20 years. I have crunched the real-life data, the blueprint for who will be successful in living a happy, whole, and creative life. 

I've enjoyed years of being a performers educator and Associate Professor of Acting. I have my MA in Musical Theater, BCA Dance, Grad Dip Ed Dance and Drama, Cert II Musical Theater, and Acting for Film & TV training from RADA in London. 

So I have worked my butt off, built the artist success blueprints that I know and have seen work— and now the courses are available to you.

Culture Makers, lemme grab your attention:

This is your story, you’re the leading character in your own life feature and you should be waking up to a life that is more authentically you, more sustainable and certainly more playful. A life where your artist life is deeply, joyously connected to your identity as a whole. Living your life in this world in all its glorious beauty.

Welcome to happy, whole artist school where you can drink coffee in whatever clothing you like, snack and choose your study playlist. All while hanging out, as we watch the unfolding into who you are born to be, as an artist. Alive and wholeheartedly thriving.  Let's go! 

This Matters Because

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Artist's 20 Minute Morning Method

Transform your mornings, transform your whole day, transform your whole life. This short course gives your the power packed recipe for waking up and rock your life as an artist.

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Artist's Emotional Health Toolkit course

 You don't have to live waiting to book and waiting to be considered worthy. This course delves into the emotional skills perfomers need to fully thrive in a career as a performer. Lets get happy! 


You've done your technical training but there's more to learn. How do I become the artist fully operating as a performer at my fullest potential? How do I live to the full as a performer? 

10 steps to Become a Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Artist

The Lara Bianca Pilcher Artist's Course Suite

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I didn't book a role for over a year and was feeling like I must suck as a performer. Lara helped me through the areas I felt blocked and I found a new energy to keep going with greater confidence. 

"I was getting a lot of knock backs and my confidence was low, Lara helped me find my Joy again!"

Found a new approach to being a performer


I was in a successful TV Series but experiencing intense criticism in the media. I desperately needed someone safe to talk to. Lara helped me find comfort, strength and truth amongst the craziness of being in the public eye. 

"If you're struggling in the industry, let me just say... you've gotta work with Lara."


Found A light in the tunnel

I was struggling with rehearsals, I started loosing my passion for being a performer all together. Lara helped me find the courage to stand up for myself and rediscover my passion for performing. 

"I went from barely getting through rehearsals to an attitude of I got this."

Found Courage


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