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Embracing the essence of empowering artistic souls through adventure, purpose, and boundless creativity, witnessing artists thrive brings me to life. Waiting for fate to intervene isn't our path. It's time to seize control and mold the vibrant life we envision.

With a rich background spanning diverse realms of the arts and entertainment industry, I've immersed myself among artists in various career stages for over two decades. From this journey, I've distilled real-life experiences into a blueprint that paves the way for a content, complete, and creative existence.

My journey also includes years of guiding performers and serving as an Associate Professor of Acting. Holding qualifications like an MA in Musical Theater, BCA Dance, Grad Dip Ed Dance and Drama, Cert II Musical Theater, and training from RADA in London for Acting in Film & TV, I've invested effort to craft the proven pathways to artistic success. And now, these very courses are open for you to explore and embrace.

Culture Makers, lemme grab your attention:

Your narrative takes center stage, casting you as the lead in the story of your life. Imagine waking up to a world that resonates with your true essence—an existence that's not only authentic but also sustainable and delightfully playful. Picture an artist's journey seamlessly intertwined with your complete identity, thriving in harmony with the wondrous beauty that surrounds us in this world.

Step right into the Empowering Artistic Souls School, where you're encouraged to relish your coffee in attire that suits your mood, indulge in your favorite snacks, and curate your perfect study playlist. Here, we're not mere spectators; we're companions on your voyage towards embracing your true artistic self—vibrant, genuine, and flourishing with every step you take. Ready to embark on this journey?
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20 Minute Morning Method

Transform your mornings, transform your whole day, transform your whole life. This short course gives your the power packed recipe for waking up and rock your life as an artist.

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Artist's Emotional Health Toolkit course

 You don't have to live waiting to book and waiting to be considered worthy. This course delves into the emotional skills perfomers need to fully thrive in a career as a performer. Lets get happy! 


You've done your technical training but there's more to learn. How do I become the artist fully operating as a performer at my fullest potential? How do I live to the full as a performer? 

10 steps to Become a Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Artist

The Lara Bianca Pilcher Artist's Course Suite

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I didn't book a performing role for over a year and was feeling like I must suck as a performer. Lara helped me through the areas I felt blocked and I found a new energy to keep going with greater confidence. 

"I was getting a lot of knock backs and my confidence was low, Lara helped me find my Joy again!"

Found a new approach to being an
Artistic Soul


Lara has been my guiding light, helping me discover comfort, strength, and authenticity amidst the chaos of life in the public eye.

"If you're struggling with moving forward, let me just say... you've gotta work with Lara."


Found A light in the tunnel

I found myself struggling with various aspects of my life, and my enthusiasm for my pursuits had waned. Lara helped me regain my sense of purpose and gave me the confidence to assert myself, reigniting my passion for life. 

"I went from barely getting through the day to an attitude of I got this."

Found Courage


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