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The Creative Purpose Journal – is an extraordinary tool meticulously crafted for creative minds of all kinds and levels. You will enter a world of setting goals and taking decisive action while nurturing your inner narrative, which is crucial for creative individuals' well-being, whether they're creative dreamers, entrepreneurs, or artists.


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Adventure on a transformative journey with The Creative Purpose Journal, a unique tool designed for creative people of all kinds and levels seeking to build a life filled with love, purpose, adventure, and boundless creativity. Delve deeper into the intersection of your creative mind and personal growth. This journal is more than pages; it's a companion on your journey toward building a life of love, purpose, adventure, and boundless creativity.

I'm Lara. Over the past two decades, I've adventured as an artist while also wearing hats as a qualified educator, entrepreneur, and life coach. This journal is the tool I wish I had!


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Our failure to reflect, to understand our core selves, passions, & dreams, impedes our ability to build the fulfilling life we desire. Without facing honest questions, we cannot uncover the raw truths essential for our creative journey.

Creative Purpose Journal

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I didn't book a performing role for over a year and was feeling like I must suck as a performer. Lara helped me through the areas I felt blocked and I found a new energy to keep going with greater confidence. 

"I was getting a lot of knock backs and my confidence was low, Lara helped me find my Joy again!"

Found a new approach to being an
Artistic Soul


Lara has been my guiding light, helping me discover comfort, strength, and authenticity amidst the chaos of life in the public eye.

"If you're struggling with moving forward, let me just say... you've gotta work with Lara."


Found A light in the tunnel

I found myself struggling with various aspects of my life, and my enthusiasm for my pursuits had waned. Lara helped me regain my sense of purpose and gave me the confidence to assert myself, reigniting my passion for life. 

"I went from barely getting through the day to an attitude of I got this."

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