8 Ways You Can Reach Financial Abundance for Artists & Non-Traditional Earners

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Empowering Artists & Creatives to Redefine Their Financial Futures

In the bustling city of Los Angeles, Liz, a Harvard MFA graduate, arrived with dreams of crafting a professional acting and writing career. However, these aspirations were shadowed by a towering mountain of student loan debt. The initial phase of her journey felt like an unending loop of part-time jobs, leaving her drained and overwhelmed. It was a life that demanded a ‘yes’ to every opportunity for income, creating a relentless grind. Liz believed this was the only blueprint for her financial journey.

However, a profound shift in perspective unfolded when Liz crossed paths with Miata Edoga from Abundance Bound, whose mission is to empower artists and non-traditional earners, redefining their path to financial success. In this captivating Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist podcast interview, Miata shared a powerful insight: money should be a tool to amplify one’s vision rather than cast a shadow upon it. She emphasized the empowerment to choose, decide, and leverage money to enhance her life in ways Liz had never before contemplated.

Miata Edoga from Abundance Bound

Liz joined the Financial Empowerment Program led by Miata Edoga (pictured here), a dedicated mentor on a mission to help non-traditional earners redefine their financial success. Through her journey, Liz learned to manage her fluctuating income, embrace her artistic passions, and break free from the relentless grind. Now, she’s thriving, living her creative dream, paying off her student loans, and doing so with an infectious joy that once seemed impossible.

In my recent podcast interview with Miata (the links at the top of this article), we discussed these fundamental questions tailored for artists and non-traditional earners.

  • How can artists balance pursuing their passion and ensuring financial stability?
  • What financial challenges do non-traditional earners face, and what practical strategies can they implement to overcome them?
  • In creative careers, an industry known for its unpredictability, how can artists build a resilient financial foundation to weather the highs and lows of their careers?
  • What role does mindset play in achieving financial success for individuals in the entertainment and art world, and how can one cultivate a positive and empowering financial mindset?

Financial Abundance for Artists: Key Teaching Areas

Miata Edoga, through her invaluable insights and practical guidance, helps non-traditional earners like Liz navigate the complexities of their financial journeys. Her teachings encompass a range of crucial areas:

1. Shifting Financial Mindset

  • Unlocking Financial Freedom: Miata encourages individuals to change their perspective on money, viewing it as a tool to enrich their lives rather than an obstacle. By understanding this fundamental shift, artists can embrace their financial journey with renewed purpose.

2. Financial Management

  • Balancing the Creative and the Financial: Managing finances can be daunting for artists with fluctuating incomes. Miata shares critical day-to-day practices that help individuals manage their finances while maintaining their creative pursuits. These practices have been instrumental in assisting artists to find equilibrium in their lives.

3. Financial Empowerment Program

  • Transformative Learning: Miata’s Financial Empowerment Program is designed to provide comprehensive support to individuals seeking financial stability. As Liz’s success story exemplifies, the program offers a structured path to reshape one’s relationship with money and create a sustainable financial life.
Miata Edoga on financial abundance for artists.

4. Creating Multiple Income Streams

  • Leveraging Unique Strengths: Miata emphasizes identifying and utilizing strengths to establish reliable income streams. By leveraging their skills, artists can pursue a sustainable financial path that aligns with their creative ambitions.

5. Redefining Financial Success

  • Breaking Free from Conventional Rules: Miata challenges traditional financial advice, offering a new perspective for non-traditional earners. She encourages artists to define financial success on their terms, freeing them from the constraints of conventional financial wisdom.

6. Moving Into Transformation

  • From Victim to Victor: Changing one’s financial mindset is pivotal. Miata shares practical strategies and exercises to help artists shift from feeling like financial victims to financial victors. Overcoming common mental roadblocks is an essential aspect of this transformation.
Money management with Miata Edoga from Abundance Bound

7. Financial Independence

  • Empowered Decision-Making: Miata provides insights into acquiring the tools for making empowered financial decisions and reducing financial dependency. Financial independence allows artists to make choices based on strength rather than desperation.

8. Simplified Money Management

  • Streamlining Financial Processes: Overcoming financial overwhelm is essential for artists to focus on their creative work. Miata offers simplified systems for success, providing artists with clear, easy-to-follow processes to manage their finances effectively.


Miata Edoga’s mission to empower artists and non-traditional earners to redefine their financial success is a testament to the transformative power of financial education and mentorship. Liz’s journey, marked by her successful transformation, is an inspiring example of what can be achieved when individuals embrace the guidance and expertise of mentors like Miata. Find her online home and resources here. Artists can unlock a brighter, more financially secure future, even in creative careers, by reshaping their financial mindsets, mastering financial management, and pursuing financial independence.

With you on the journey, friend.


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