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Crushing Comparison: Secrets to Creative Freedom

Explore ‘Crushing Comparison: Secrets to Creative Freedom’ to uncover strategies for liberating your creativity from comparison’s grip.

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Growing up, creativity was my playground. There were no rules, no standards to meet, just pure joy in making and creating. It was a time of exploration, innovation, and boundless imagination. In this haven, my confidence soared, and my skills blossomed.

But as I ventured into the world, comparison reared its ugly head. At 17, I left home for Sydney to pursue a dance degree. While the whispers of comparison were present, my inner creative voice remained strong. Three years later, I returned to my hometown, where opportunities were scarce, but my passion burned bright; I continued to create, unfazed by external judgments.

Crushing Comparison: Secrets to Creative Freedom with Lara Bianca Pilcher and Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist Podcast

Then came London, a city teeming with talent and competition. Comparison hit me like a tidal wave, and I became a perfectionist in everything I did. Suddenly, my artistry became a battleground. My creative voice got buried under the fear of not being as good as the next gal in the audition, and my mind scrutinized my every move. It wasn’t just about artistic prowess anymore; it was about how high I could leap, how perfectly I could perform, how flawlessly I could conform.

Comparison often sneaks in unnoticed, leading to the silencing of our creative voice.

The Perils of Comparison

My journey mirrors the struggles many creatives face when confronted with the harsh reality of comparison. It stifles our creativity, suffocating the vibrant spirit that once thrived in the absence of judgment. But amidst the internal chaos, there remains a glimmer of hope—a reminder of our limitless potential, waiting to be unleashed.

In the journey of an artist’s life and our creative expression, comparison often lurks as a silent adversary, ready to extinguish the spark of inspiration at any moment. It’s a familiar scenario: we pour our heart and soul into a project fueled by passion and imagination, only to have our confidence shattered by the perceived superiority of others’ work.

Whether scrolling through social media feeds and watching others sing, dance, or paint or we encounter a friend’s latest masterpiece, the shadow of comparison casts doubt upon our artistic endeavors. But amidst this struggle, it’s crucial to remember that creativity thrives in authenticity.

Each of us possesses a unique perspective and creative voice waiting to be expressed. Instead of measuring ourselves against external standards, embrace the beauty of our individuality and celebrate the journey of creation, free from the constraints of comparison.

Creativity is the power to connect the seemingly unconnected.

William Plomer

Striking a Balance: Navigating Comparison and Uniqueness in Creative Pursuits

While it may seem harmless to compare our work with others or emulate their style, the impact of comparison on creativity can be profound. When we constantly measure ourselves against external standards, we risk diminishing our creative voice and stifling innovation. Comparison breeds self-doubt and insecurity, leading to losing confidence in our abilities. Moreover, it can foster a culture of competition rather than collaboration, hindering our ability to connect authentically with our artistic expression.

Comparison not only breeds conformity but also unwanted competition, stifling the very essence of creativity. Your creativity is your unique voice. Comparison hijacks our creative process, leading us to conform rather than create. It whispers doubts into our minds, questioning our abilities and worthiness, until we find ourselves trapped in a cycle of imitation rather than innovation. This matters because some of the most well-known artists and makers, such as Sia, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson, and Shakespeare, were renowned for their innovative and unique contributions.

Crushing Comparison: Secrets to Creative Freedom

But Wait: Competition is Part of What I Do as an Artist

Competition is inherent in settings such as auditions, but it’s not solely about outperforming others. While showcasing your skills is essential, your uniqueness truly sets you apart. Judges, audiences, consumers, and directors are often looking for performers and other creatives who bring something fresh and original to the table, something that distinguishes them from the rest of the pack.

So, while it’s vital to demonstrate creative technical proficiency, it’s equally crucial to infuse your performance with your personality, interpretation, and creativity. Ultimately, combining skill and individuality leaves a lasting impression and increases your chances of success in your work.

Rediscovering Creativity: A Call to Action

Comparison may be relentless, but so is your ability to develop awareness and resilience around it. We can break free from comparison’s shackles by shifting our perspective, prioritizing self-expression over conformity, and surrounding ourselves with a supportive community that encourages us to improve our skills and techniques and be authentic.

It’s time to take deliberate action. Prioritize your creative voice and creativity, even amidst the chaos. Engage in artistic ventures, experiment without fear of comparison, dare to be different and unique, listen to your internal compass, play and innovate, and rediscover the joy of play and rest. Creativity knows no bounds, and the journey is yours to embrace.

Try these six action steps:

  1. Understanding the Impact: Reflect on how comparison has hindered your own creative pursuits or caused doubts.
  2. Shifting Perspectives: Recognize that creativity is an expression of your creative voice and that it is essential to your self-expression and fulfillment.
  3. Navigating Societal Expectations: Explore moments where you felt pressured to conform and how it affected your creativity.
  4. Healing Through Creativity: Consider the role of your creative activities in your emotional well-being and personal growth. Allow healing, not destructive comparison.
  5. Finding Inspiration in Unexpected Places: Look for experiences to discover beauty in unlikely circumstances so you can stir your creative well and your inspiration and innovation return.
  6. Staying Mindful of the Journey: Try some unique strategies for maintaining awareness without succumbing to comparison. For example, as I walked into dance class with a mirror daily, this would be therapeutic, not destructive. That mindfulness changed my approach.

Comparison may have clouded your creative voice but cannot extinguish the flame of creativity burning within you. Forge ahead with courage and conviction, celebrating your uniqueness. Embrace your creativity, which is the key to unlocking a creative life of fulfillment and joy.

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Listen to Crushing Comparison: Secrets to Creative Freedom on:


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