How Understanding Blood Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction & Emotional Eating

Yearn for more energy, better well-being, & freedom from sugar addiction? Many find themselves trapped in a cycle of Oops, I did it again!

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Listen to: How Understanding Blood Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction & Emotional Eating:


Are you addicted to sugar? Do you keep doing what you don’t want to, yet you desperately want to change your lifestyle and be healthier? I hear you. Do you yearn for more energy, better well-being, and freedom from sugar cravings? Many of us find ourselves trapped in a cycle of feeling yucky, tired, mentally foggy, and succumbing to unhealthy eating habits driven by sugar addiction.

Disclaimer: This is personal: How Understanding Blood Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction & Emotional Eating

Before diving into this personal article, it’s essential to recognize the ongoing movement against discussing weight loss, especially within sensitive communities like dancers who often struggle with body image issues. My story (link here) aims not to advocate a one-size-fits-all approach but to emphasize the value of embracing healthier lifestyles and nurturing our well-being.

Having battled unhealthy body image tendencies, I’ve achieved a more balanced state for my body and mind. However, I strongly encourage seeking personalized advice, particularly from a functional medicine professional, tailored to your current mental and physical stage in life. I talked to one here. My experience is personal, not prescriptive. Consider what aligns best with your well-being.

I am grateful to find freedom from issues that once held me captive, and I hope to help others move forward in greater health and freedom from disordered eating and cravings that derail health goals.

The Pressure My Dancing Career Caused

Lara Bianca Pilcher Dancing in London and sharing on Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist about blood sugar. How Understanding Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction and Emotional Eating

Navigating a career in the performing arts has amplified the pressure to maintain a certain physical appearance. I’ve wrestled with disordered eating habits as I strived to meet these expectations. However, I’ve transcended these challenges, transitioning towards healthier habits and behaviors that have revitalized my well-being. Here, I share transformative tips that have propelled me towards health and freedom. But first, it’s not about perfect eating; it’s about awareness.


What happened at Christmas

After successfully maintaining a sugar-free lifestyle for over six months, the holiday season arrived. I indulged in a few sugary treats while dining at a friend’s house. Though momentarily enjoyable, this indulgence quickly led me back into the familiar cycle of glucose-spiking sugar addiction. Each bite during the festive season intensified my cravings, throwing off my balance and robbing me of the sharp mental clarity and sustained energy I had diligently cultivated. Overwhelmed by a groggy desire for sleep, I recognized the stark contrast to how I had felt without sugar. Determined to regain control, I refused to succumb to sugar’s grip. With unwavering determination, I recommitted myself to a sugar-free lifestyle, determined to reclaim the vitality and well-being I had worked so hard to achieve.

Now freed from the rollercoaster of blood sugar spikes and crashes, I’ve discovered how to satiate my cravings with healthier alternatives. Whether savoring stevia-sweetened chocolate, indulging in nut butter, or relishing a refreshing bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries, I’ve found substitutes that provide sweetness without the harmful effects of refined sugar and subsequent cravings. Surprisingly, once sugar was out of my diet, the intense cravings diminished significantly. Many believe cutting sugar entirely is impossible, but experiencing its absence has shown me otherwise.

Balancing Glucose Is For Everyone

Balancing your glucose levels is incredible for everyone. It helps you feel better and reduces the risk of various health issues. Constant spikes in glucose, even if you do not have diabetes, can lead to problems like cravings, fatigue, and inflammation, which are linked to many diseases. Balancing your glucose levels also supports your overall health, including your heart, brain, and immune system.

Living in a way that balances your glucose levels has numerous benefits supported by scientific research. You’ll experience reduced hunger, fewer cravings, improved energy levels, and better sleep. Your immune system will be more robust, and you’ll likely experience fewer menopausal symptoms. Additionally, your brain function will improve, leading to clearer thinking, and your skin will appear healthier.

Lara Bianca Pilcher in London - Performer life and health on Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist. How Understanding Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction and Emotional Eating

I’ve discovered a newfound freedom by adopting a Ketobiotic approach and actively managing my glucose levels with a focus on foods that have a minimal impact on blood glucose levels, along with incorporating probiotic-rich foods for gut health. I use a blood sugar monitor, and this has given me a personalized picture of what my body is doing. I’ve broken free from what I once believed was a personal weakness, only to realize it was a cycle of glucose spikes affecting my well-being. I’m sharing the tools and resources I use because I want others to experience the same liberation from addictive sugar patterns and enjoy the benefits of balanced glucose levels. You deserve the same freedom I’ve found, and I’m here to support you on that journey.

Learning To Be Friends With Your Body Again

Many of us are out of touch with what healthy feels like in our bodies. Reconnect with your body and cultivate a friendship with it once more. Our bodies aren’t intentionally misbehaving; they strive to sustain our lives. The issue often lies in our disconnect from our physical selves. Fortunately, a wealth of scientific knowledge is available to guide us back to harmony.

I haven’t gone on this journey alone. There’s an abundance of invaluable research resources available. For instance, The Glucose Goddess Method, spearheaded by biochemist Jessie Inchauspé, aligns with scientific research emphasizing the critical role of stable blood sugar levels in overall health. Jessie’s endorsement underscores the scientific foundation supporting managing blood sugar for optimal well-being.

Body & Soul Mindfulness: Big Impact

Lara Bianca Pilcher shares on Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist about: How Understanding Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction and Emotional Eating

I learned to be mindful of my food choices, especially in the morning, as the initial spike in blood sugar levels could set the tone for the rest of the day. By prioritizing healthy fats and protein-rich options like egg cups over carb-heavy breakfasts, I stabilized my blood sugar and mitigated the adverse effects of glucose spikes. These spikes had been wreaking havoc on my mental health, energy levels, focus, and sleep patterns. It’s not about being perfect either (that black-and-white thinking won’t serve you); it’s about being mindful.

Reframing Sugar: It’s About Conscious Eating and Understanding Its Impact on Your Body.

Understanding the impact of sugar on our bodies doesn’t mean we have to swear off it entirely. I prefer to, but there are other alternatives. It’s about empowering ourselves with the knowledge to make informed choices and minimize sugar’s adverse effects. The Glucose Godness has excellent ideas for pairing sugars and carbohydrates with protein and healthy fats that can effectively slow the rollercoaster of blood sugar spikes. This approach allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without experiencing the drastic highs and lows that can wreak havoc on your health and well-being.

Understanding food labels and marketing tactics became essential on my journey. Terms like “keto” or “no sugar added” don’t always equate to healthy or low-sugar content, so educating oneself on label reading is crucial. Labels can be very misleading.

Helpful Hacks: How Understanding Blood Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction & Emotional Eating

Additionally, incorporating physical activity, even just ten minutes of dancing after a meal, can help regulate glucose levels and promote overall health (dance while you do the dishes; it’s fun and good for you). By playing with some new strategies, daring to give it a go, and aligning my lifestyle with my body’s needs, I’ve experienced newfound freedom and vitality. It’s not about perfection but progressing towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Here are five simple, actionable steps that have helped me break free from the shackles of disordered eating and move towards my wellness goals.

1. Define Clear Goals and Weekly Planning: Start by setting specific goals and breaking them into manageable steps. Design a weekly menu and plan daily meals accordingly to stay on track.

2. Prep Meals in Advance: Check for meal ingredients in the morning to ensure readiness. Consider batch cooking to save time and cater to diverse dietary needs within your household.

3. Embrace Diversity and Flexibility: Experiment with various recipes and ingredients aligned with your health goals to avoid meal monotony. Allow flexibility within the weekly menu for added enjoyment.

4. Prioritize Consistency, Not Perfection: Consistency is paramount for sustaining progress toward health goals. It’s not about perfection but persistence in embracing healthy habits that lead to long-term success.

5. Bonus Tip – Incorporate Workouts: While not directly related to eating habits, exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Set specific exercise goals and schedule workouts in your calendar to ensure consistency and maximize your wellness journey. PS: Short sessions are better than nothing.


By prioritizing these steps and incorporating them into your routine, significant improvements in health can gradually unfold. Remember, success often lies in simplicity. Mapping out your goals, planning tasks, and consistently working towards them pave the way for a purposeful life. Avoid the all-or-nothing yo-yo; keep at it. These intentional actions can steer you toward a healthier, more energetic, focused, and fulfilled version of yourself. With dedication and persistence, you’ll steadily progress toward your health aspirations.

Listen to the full Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist Podcast episode below.

Listen to: How Understanding Blood Glucose Levels Helped Me Overcome Sugar Addiction & Emotional Eating


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