An Artist’s Guide: West End to Broadway

From West End to Broadway, this is an inspiring journey that ignites personal growth and joy.

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From West End towards Broadway: Kirsty Fuller’s story is a remarkable transformation narrative. It’s a journey that takes us from doubt to success, where doubts fade and inspiration thrives. Kirsty Fuller, a seasoned dance, singing, and acting professional, has graced illustrious stages spanning from London’s esteemed West End to the vibrant Broadway theaters of New York City.

But Kirsty’s influence extends beyond her well-deserved accolades. She possesses a distinctive insight into the intricate interplay of creativity, mental fitness, and personal growth. Through her inspiring conversation, we travel the path from uncertainty to triumph, guided by Kirsty’s exceptional talent and unwavering determination.

A Remarkable Journey: From the West End to Broadway

From West End to Making It on Broadway: Kirsty Fuller’s story is an exceptional testament to the trials of auditions, the triumphs of a dedicated artist, and the unwavering resilience that resonates with every creative soul. With impressive performing credits in renowned shows like ’42nd Street’ and ‘Crazy for You,’ Kirsty Fuller’s career exemplifies my saying, ‘Do the work, then trust the unfolding.’ Her story is a divine thread that can inspire your artistic journey.

Kirsty Fuller's Rhythmic Artistry: From West End to Broadway. A power pose!

Kirsty’s journey started at a tender age, just three, when she first discovered her love for dance. By the time she was seven, she was already a regular on the stage, thanks to a studio that had a theater side. At 13, she ventured to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a pivotal moment that exposed her to numerous opportunities.

However, at 18, she temporarily closed the door on her dreams, doubting her abilities, much influenced by witnessing her sister’s struggles in the industry.

She studied exercise, health, and nutrition at university and traveled the world. One transformative chapter for her was in the USA, where she worked at a weight loss and fitness summer camp, reigniting the spark of her dreams.

The encounter that changed her direction

Soon after, she auditioned and was invited to a 1-year intensive performers college; after several years away from performing, she began her comeback. Determined, she regained her skills, honing them to the highest standard. During this time, she saw her sister excel in amazing shows, and Kirsty knew precisely what was expected.

With her eyes set on the Rockettes in NYC, she laced up her tap shoes and embarked on a journey that included a cruise ship job, a whirlwind of singing and performing, and the refinement of her craft while connecting with countless individuals. She secured an agent and continued to audition in the bustling NYC theater scene.

From West End to Making it on Broadway: Kirsty Fuller's Story is life giving!

During this journey, Kirsty’s path crossed with the legendary Randy Skinner, who announced he was bringing “42nd Street” from the West End to the USA. Despite struggling to get in the audition room, Kirsty knew this show was meant for her. She took matters into her own hands, messaged Randy, and told him, “I can’t get in the room.”

Then everything changed

Kirsty Fuller's Rhythmic Artistry: From West End to Broadway takes rehearsal and hard work.

The rest, as they say, is history. Kirsty Fuller’s journey is a powerful testament to a true artist’s unwavering determination and resilience. To gain deeper insights into Kirsty’s remarkable story, tune in to the complete episode on the Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist podcast; you can find the links at the top of this article.

You can find Kirsty online here.

With you on the journey, friend.


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