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What Every Creative Must Know: My 1st Year in Hollywood

Many artists dream of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but what’s the real experience like?

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Moving to Los Angeles as an artist is a journey filled with excitement and challenges. While the allure of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour is undeniable, the reality of life in LA can be pretty different. The city is a melting pot of creativity, diversity, and opportunity but fiercely competitive and expensive. Navigating the sprawling metropolis and its notorious traffic can be daunting, and finding your niche in the bustling entertainment industry requires persistence and resilience. However, amidst the hustle and bustle, an undeniable energy fuels artistic inspiration and drives countless dreamers to pursue their passions in the city of angels.

What Every Creative Must Know: My 1st Year in Hollywood

Many artists are drawn to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but what does it entail when you move to Los Angeles? Enter the world of Ava Jean Cutlip, a luminous talent whose path toward Hollywood’s perceived allure took shape at just 18 years old. Born amidst the towering skyscrapers of New York City in 2005, Ava’s journey into performance began with dance, following in the footsteps of her mother, a Radio City Rockette. From her debut at The Kennedy Center at age 10, Ava’s destiny seemed intertwined with the artistic life on stage, leading her to the captivating yet challenging landscape of Los Angeles.

The Early Chapters of a Performance Career

Ava’s artistic spirit knew no bounds. As she transitioned seamlessly from dance to acting at 14, she made an unforgettable debut in the pilot “Childish.” She shared the stage with the illustrious Kristin Chenoweth, cementing her presence in both realms of entertainment.

Ava Jean Cutlip shares with Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist about her first year in Hollywood.

Her triple-threat talent was unmistakable. Collaborating with industry virtuoso Kenny Ortega, she added another layer to her artistic canvas. This move solidified her status as a multifaceted creative force. This collaboration further highlighted her versatility and depth as an artist, establishing her as a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. The journey became more vocal as Ava entered music, releasing her debut single, “Social Game,” in 2022.

An artist’s perspective on the first year in Hollywood

Peeling back the curtain, Ava invites us into the untold spaces of her early years experiencing Hollywood. Transitioning from the initial excitement to the challenges and raw authenticity, these moments define an artist’s behind-the-scenes narrative. Listen to the podcast episode interview below for a deep dive into Ava’s experiences.

Looking Ahead: Aspirations and Wisdom from Within

As we gaze into this young artist’s future, Ava shares her goals and aspirations for the upcoming year. Additionally, she imparts her insights and advice in her own words, serving as a compass for aspiring creatives navigating the dynamic landscape of Hollywood or other dreams for an artist career.

Join us on this immersive journey through Ava Jean Cutlip’s Hollywood adventure—a story marked by talent, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to the creative art of artistic expression. The whole episode is below on Apple, Spotify, and Pandora.

Listen to What Every Creative Must Know: My 1st Year in Hollywood on:


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