Best Creative Travel Toys For Kids Aged 6-12!

May 27, 2023

Maximizing screen time can make kids irritable while on long trips, but packing a creative backpack helps!

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Maximizing screen time can make kids irritable while on long trips, but packing a creative backpack with travel toys and activities can make all the difference! Below, I’ve listed the best creative travel toys for kids aged 6-12; we have tried and tested each idea!

Best Travel Toys For Kids Aged 6-12!

My kids have flown long haul (UK and USA to Australia) since they were three months old, and they look forward to receiving their creative backpacks! I’ve also included our fun backpacks and light, compactable lunch bags (scroll down).

Savvy parents know that a new toy or two is enough to make a long day of travel more enjoyable for the whole family. With that in mind, I’ve listed my top travel toys to help make your next trip with kids smoother and stress-free. These toys are affordable and can fit easily into any kid’s backpack. carries them all, so what are you waiting for? Here are the best travel toys for kids aged 6-12!

Get all the creative backpack toys on Amazon right here! I’ve made a list with all of the below included. Pick your favorites, or get them all!

Best Creative Travel Toys For Kids Aged 6-12!

Star Wars Toys for Boys. Star Wars Playset Bundle with Star Wars Books for Kids 4-8 with Games, Activities, Stickers, and More | Star Wars Activity Set. – Get it here

Would You Rather Age 9 Version: Would You Rather Questions for 9-Year-Olds (Would You Rather For Kids). – Get it here

Diary of an Awesome Kid: 100 Pages Ruled, Candy Apple Red. Children’s Draw and Write Journal Notebook (7 x 10 inches). – Get it here

L.O.L. Surprise! Creativity Case by Horizon Group USA, Create, Play & Store. DIY Activity Case Including Paper Dolls, Coloring Pages, Makers, Crayons, Glitter Glue, Scratch Art, Stickers & More. Hot Pink. – Get it here

Gamie Small Magnetic Board Travel Game Set. Includes 12 Retro Fun Games. 5 Inch Compact Design: Individually Boxed. Teaches Strategy and Focus – Road Trip, Travel, Camping. – Get it here.

Blank Comic Book: Notebook with Blank Comic Templates. Create Your Own Comics With Variety Templates For Kids And Adults! – Get it here.

Sensory Fidget Toy, Arts and Crafts for Kids, Non-Toxic, Waxed Yarn, 8 inches. Reusable Molding and Sculpting Sticks. American Made by Wikki Stix, Neon Colors, 48 pack. – Get it here

Crayola Crayons, 8 Triangular (because they don’t roll off the plane tray table). Get it here

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box. Award-Winning, Patented Fidget Cube w/ 36 Rare Earth Magnets. Transforms Into Over 70 Shapes, Download Fun in Motion Toys Mobile App (Original Series – Spaced Out). Get it here!

Our creative backpacks wouldn’t be complete without these! Fidget Pop-On-It backpack is so funl! It also has bottle side pockets! Get it here!

We also have these lightweight, compactable FlowFly Kids Lunch bags for travel snacks and drinks. They are insulated soft cooler bags! Get it here!

With you on the journey, friend.


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