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In this space, I share insights into every facet of my life, encompassing the personal, artistic, entrepreneurial, and well-being realms. I wear many hats, including that of an Artist, Podcaster, Educator, Speaker, Actor, Dreamer, Wife, Mother, and an ardent advocate for the creative career community. 

As a seasoned performing artist and a dedicated life coach, I'm passionate about nurturing global talents through arts education while emphasizing the importance of self-care driven achievement. My journey as a well-traveled, romance-loving wife, devoted parent, and fearless adventurer alongside my family of four adds a unique layer to my narrative.

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Artist Life

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Do you ever find yourself wishing for greater productivity in pursuit of your artistic goals? One effective strategy is to infuse your values into your weekly routine as an artist. By allowing your values to steer your efforts in creativity, you can enhance your productivity and fulfillment. Download this PDF, place it prominently on your wall, and use it as a daily reminder to diversify your approach to your artistic work.

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