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Bonus Section: Podcast listeners’ questions are answered at the end of this blog article and podcast episode.


As a working mom, actress, and wellness enthusiast, my days are filled with varied activities.

Here’s a day in my life as a working mom: actress and wellness enthusiast! My days are filled with varied activities. I love the change! Juggling career aspirations (my business and acting career), family obligations, and personal health can be a lot, but it’s one that I embrace with open arms. In this article, I invite you to take a behind-the-scenes look at my daily routine as I share my insights on fitting in a workout, navigating auditions and rehearsals, managing stress, building community, and more. Join me as we explore the world of modern-day creative career life and discover how we can all fit our passions and needs into our lives.

I’ll start with my foundations for a great day with my personal stress management and balance tips.

Stress Management: My Top Tips for Finding Balance in My Life as a Working Mom, Actress, and Wellness Enthusiast!

With life’s various demands, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. As a working mom, actress, and wellness enthusiast, I must prioritize self-care and stress management to avoid burnout. I’ve been there and don’t want to be there again. I wrote about it here.

My tips are a return to simple practices that make a big difference. Many people have heard of them but don’t do them! I believe in returning to these simple things and focusing on a foundation of wellness. Here are my simple but powerful daily practices for finding balance amidst the chaos:

  1. Practice connection to inner self: Take a few moments each day to focus on your feelings, thoughts, and internal stresses. Returning to the present and processing your inner world rather than pushing it over. Whether a quick journal session in the morning or a few mindful breaths during a busy day, this simple practice can help you feel more grounded and centered.
  2. Prioritize sleep: Getting enough sleep is crucial for overall health and well-being. While staying up late to finish work or catch up on emails can be tempting, setting boundaries and prioritizing rest is essential. I get to bed before 11 p.m. and turn my phone off each evening at around 8 p.m.
  3. Make time for movement: Exercise is excellent for physical health and a powerful stress reliever. Whether going for a walk outside or taking a pilates class, find a form of movement that feels good to you and make it a regular part of your routine.
  4. Connect with loved ones: Maintaining solid relationships with family and friends can provide comfort and support during stressful times. Make time to connect with the essential people in your life and prioritize quality time together. Energy is zapped by poor mental health. I want energy.

By incorporating these simple, achievable tips into my daily routine, I’m better equipped to handle the demands of my acting career, business, and family life. Next, I’ll briefly summarize what a day looks like for me using the abovementioned foundations.

A Day in my Life as a Working Mom: Actress and Wellness Enthusiast! Morning Routine: Fitting in a Workout and Breakfast

I’ve learned that sticking to a consistent morning reset sets me up for success for the rest of the day. I wake up at various times (because no two days are the same) and almost always start my day with a flat white and a 10-minute meditation. I use an app to encourage short reading. Then I journal for however long my brain needs it, sometimes it’s three pages, and sometimes it’s three words! This helps me clear my mind and set intentions for the day ahead. I always make a healthy, protein-packed breakfast, such as poached eggs with veggies. Then, I get to work!

3-4 times a week, I change into my workout clothes and head to the gym for a 30-minute workout, then some sauna time followed by a freezing shower or pool dip (I wish I could use an ice bath but don’t have access to that yet). My husband is my workout buddy two days a week, and I do the other two independently. My go-to workout routine includes mainly lifting weights and functional training with some treadmill power walking for cardio, which helps me feel energized and strong; I love feeling physically strong! I get a lot of back and neck pain if I don’t move my body regularly. It’s a priority and a habit that I have scheduled each week so it doesn’t get bumped by busyness.

It’s not rocket science, but by prioritizing my physical and mental health, I am better equipped to handle the demands of auditions, rehearsals, and family obligations quickly and gracefully.

A Day in my Life as a Working Mom: Actress and Wellness Enthusiast! Balancing Family and Career: Navigating Auditions and Rehearsals

As a working mom and actress, balancing auditions and rehearsals with family obligations can be a juggling act. While I try to film self-tape auditions or attend rehearsals around my children’s schedules, there are times when conflicts arise, and I need to rely on my husband or a babysitter to step in. I don’t have any family in Atlanta; they all live in Australia!

I’ve found that communication is key in navigating these situations. Whether it’s communicating with my husband, our babysitter, or my agent, keeping everyone in the loop helps to ensure that my family and career needs are met.

Each day is different for me as I work on my business ( or film self-tape auditions and meet the demands of each day. However, my kids come home from school at the same time each day, and at that time, I switch from actress and business hat to mother. A hat that has laundry, cooking, and children to care for. When my husband comes home, I focus on him and the kid’s bedtime routine and end the day by switching off and relaxing with my husband. We have one little ritual; he massages my feet as I fall asleep each night. He is a performer’s Physical Therapist. Incredible, I know!

On the weekends, I carve out quality time with my family whenever possible. This helps me stay grounded and reminds me of what’s truly important in life. One weekend thing I love is how my husband frequently makes me a flat white coffee with love hearts drizzled into the foam. It’s the little everyday things that genuinely make life sweet.

Despite the challenges, pursuing my passions while raising a family is possible with some planning and flexibility. It’s important to prioritize self-care, communicate with those around you, and stay true to your values. Doing so allows me to handle whatever comes my way. With these simple but effective daily practices, I can balance a busy career and family life.

A Day in my Life as a Working Mom, Actress, and Wellness Enthusiast!

Next, I’ll share my strategies for building community and connecting with other working moms, friends, and artists. I’ll also answer other podcast listener questions I was asked below.

Behind the Scenes: Q&A with Your Questions about a day in my life as a working mom, actress, and wellness enthusiast!

Bonus section: These questions come from my social media followers and podcast listeners.

Q: How Do You Build Community? Tips For Connecting With New Friends and Artists

Part A: Community Building

A: One of the essential parts of my life as a working mom and performing artist is building a community of non-artistic friends (not just performers like me) and investing time with like-minded creative individuals. Getting caught up in our daily struggles can be easy, but connecting with others in a similar situation can provide invaluable camaraderie and support. That’s why I seek out other working moms in my industry and artists who share my passions. Many performers move for work and need tips to build community again. It’s difficult to start again, but I will share what has worked for me.

One of the ways I build my community is by practicing social fitness and reaching out to new people weekly. I intentionally meet with my community, run a monthly married gathering in my home, and attend women’s community evenings. I also attend networking events and workshops tailored to performers and other creative artists. These events offer the opportunity to meet new people and provide valuable resources and information on what other creatives do to live out their busy careers and keep a fulfilling personal life.

I’ve found that connecting with other men and women going through the same ups and downs as I am can be incredibly reassuring and motivating. I also reach out to performers I don’t know yet and ask them if they want coffee! I sometimes ask three or four times! People are busy and forget, so don’t give up too easily!

Part B: Community building

As a mother, I attend my kid’s classroom events when I can; I meet my children’s favorite friends and families and have made some great family friends that way. When my kids go for swimming lessons, dance lessons, etc, it is a place to get to know people, arrange a playtime, and get to know you. This means not staring at my phone so I can be open to eye contact, smile, and introduce myself.

I also use social media to connect with other artists. Instagram and Facebook groups benefit from this, offering a platform to share experiences and tips and engage with others in the same boat. I’ve made some beautiful connections online and have even collaborated with other artists and professionals in my field. I have also made new connections by attending weekly Acting classes.

By building a solid community of like-minded individuals, I can stay inspired and motivated even during the busiest and most stressful times. And this sense of connection and support allows me to continue pursuing my passions and achieving my goals.


  1. Be the initiator of coffee catch-ups.
  2. Be hospitable and have people over.
  3. Be intentional and plan social fitness reachouts weekly.
  4. Go to networking or other community events.
  5. Make an effort. It doesn’t happen if you stay home and hope someone will make an effort for you. I wish that were the case. 😊 It’s not. 😏

Q: How do you balance work and life as a working mom, actress, and wellness enthusiast?

A: It’s a challenge, but I’ve learned to prioritize and set boundaries. When I’m involved in an acting project, I focus on my work but stay in touch with my family as much as possible. And at home, I try to be present with my kids and give them my full attention. It’s not always easy, but I’ve found that being transparent with my colleagues and family about my priorities and limitations has helped me maintain a healthy work-life balance. However, I have a very flexible approach to life because I need to. I make things happen, and I make it work. This is a value I live by.

Q: What inspired you to pursue wellness (The Healthy, Wealthy, Wise Artist podcast and movement) as a career besides acting?

A: As an actress, triple threat, and ex-dancer, I’ve always been interested in physical fitness and nutrition to stay healthy and energized for my performing work. Having worked as a performer in 3 major markets (London, Melbourne, and Atlanta), I realized there was a need for more accessible and practical advice on wealth and wellness for performers, especially for busy working performers like me. That inspired me to start sharing my journey and tips with others. The podcast and blog come out of living each day as a working mom, actress, and wellness enthusiast! Service to others is one of my values.

Q: What’s the most significant misconception about life as an actress?

A: I think there’s a misconception that being an actress is all glamour and luxury, but the reality is that it’s a lot of hard work and uncertainty. Even when you’ve had some success, you’re always hustling for the next opportunity and auditioning for roles. And when you do get a job, it often involves long hours and physically demanding work. But for me, the rewards are worth it – there’s nothing like the feeling of bringing a character to life on screen or stage.

Q: How did I start as an actress, and what are the main steps for those starting?

A: Acting has always been an incredibly competitive field that requires dedication, hard work, and plenty of luck. But if you’ve got your sights set on a career, there are specific steps to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

For starters, thinking about what kind of actor you want to be is essential. Do you want to specialize in TV, movies, theater, or commercials? I have moved my focus from being a dancer to musical theater to what I do now: Film and TV. The acting you pursue will determine the training you need. Research and get a clear idea of what type of auditions you should seek. I have a degree in dance and a Masters in Musical theater. These art forms take years of training to be good at. Actors can train in an arts conservatory or attend weekly classes at a great studio to build their skills. There is a mix of both for on-camera-focused actors, but I believe you must train regularly and ongoing. I most certainly do.

Once you know what direction you want to take your acting career, it’s time to start building your skills. This can involve taking acting classes, auditioning for theater and local productions, and joining an acting troupe or professional community. I have done all of these activities at various times since I started many years ago.

Creating a website and online presence where agents, directors, and producers can find you are also helpful. It often takes more than talent alone to make a name for yourself in the industry. I work weekly on my online presence and website. I encourage others to have a healthy online presence that serves their artistic career.

A Day in my Life as a Working Mom, Actress, and Wellness Enthusiast!

When you have polished skills, contact casting directors and agents with your resume and headshots. Ensure you have a polished portfolio (acting kit) of previous work (like self-tapes, a bio, CV, and demo reel). Include headshots that demonstrate your range as an actor. My acting kit is something I update often. This is a general overview; please book a mentor coaching session with me here for a more personalized and detailed step-by-step.


Even if you’re doing everything right, breaking through in the industry is often hard work. Keep your ambition alive by attending live performances and staying on top of industry news. Never let your enthusiasm for acting wane. Above all, the key is persistence: hard work and dedication will hopefully eventually pay off. I keep at it and have learned a lot of hard lessons along the way. I have a fantastic adventure, too!

Remember that success is achievable but looks different for everyone. If you have the determination and focus to do the necessary work, go for it. Prepare yourself, dedicate yourself, and never be afraid to take risks—you never know where they might take you. My life has been filled with calculated risk-taking, moving markets, and never giving up.

In Conclusion, a Day in my Life as a Working Mom: Actress and Wellness Enthusiast!

In conclusion, balancing my life as a working mom, actress, and wellness enthusiast requires intentionality, discipline, and community. By prioritizing our physical and mental health, carving out time for family, and seeking support from like-minded individuals, we can achieve our goals and lead fulfilling lives.

Remember, self-care is not selfish; caring for ourselves enables us to better care for others. So, let’s continue to build each other up and support those around us. We navigate the challenges and joys of life best together. Author and speaker Brené Brown once said, “Connection is why we’re here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

If you think your purpose is just to book and perform, I’m sorry, my friend, it’s not. It’s connection. It’s connection with others that gives purpose and meaning to our lives. The other things are great also, but they can’t be everything.

Lara Bianca Pilcher

Let’s stay connected with our communities, pursue our dreams, and strive for balance.

With you on the journey, friend.


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